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a bay area neighborhood inundated with mud. today new concerns that approaching rain could cause the mud to flow again. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne in for frank somerville. imagine waking up to this muddy mess. it's what greeted daly city residents after a broken water main unleashed a torrid of mud. residents can are concerned about heavy rain in the
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forecast toward the end of the week, amber. >> reporter: ken, city workers planned to return to this neighborhood first light tomorrow morning to clean up the mess that's still here at hillside park. they'll preparing for the rain that's expected later this week. by nightfall crews were still spraying off what mud what left on sidewalks, roadways and vehicles after a day long vehicle records. a sight welcomed by neighbors. some said the mud soaked streets kept them from going to work. >> reporter: why couldn't you go to work? >> i could not drive out, i could not walk because it was 3 feet deep. >> reporter: another neighbor tried to drive through the mess, the result a wheel taped in mud and a note that read, will be picked up by insurance company. >> i told him he should not run the motor because i was worried
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the mud would fill the catalytic converter. >> i'm really scared that mud could come again. because there's that one spot that came down already. >> how are we on in the clean up. >> reporter: engineers have determined the hillside is stable. still the city plans to take precautions such as cleaning debris from storm drains. >> we'll be looking at the drains that we have to make sure they're directed the right way to try to keep the water out of the area. so it goes into where the drains are. >> reporter: this homeowner gives the city high marks for the clean up. >> they're moving really fast. they had trucks and everything here all day long. >> reporter: sweetland tells me the ruptured water main is 78 years old and that the age is the likely cause of the break. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on how claims for damaged to property
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will be handled. we'll check in with city leaders, they said residents should file a claim in person with the city's clerk. damage to vehicles might be covered we auto insurance. port officials tell us via e-mail that benjamin will not receive any severance or payment in exchange for his retirement. the board is still investigating quan. we've been told he's left the country. the retirement of its executive director follow our ktvu investigation including a 5,000 bill from a houston strip club charged to the port. 26-year-old garrett gibson is recovered from a major
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concussion as well as scrapes and bruises. he was hit by an suv while bicycling yesterday morning. investigators say the suspect was driving a late model black porsche cayanne. if caught the driver could be hit felony charges for hit-and- run and theft since the bicycle is still missing. police say they show one of the kidnappers at an atm last week. investigators say the two men held a 57-year-old woman captive for several hours while they drove around using her atm card. the man in the video is described as white in his early to mid-20s, 5'11", about 185 pounds with short dark hair. the second kidnapper is
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described as white in his early to mid-20s, 5'9" and about 150 pounds. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar is facing new charges tonight. torrez is now charged with trying to kidnap three other girls during attempted carjackings. prosecutors say all three incidents happened when garcia torrez was a juvenile. several years before sierra lamar wentmying in morgan hill -- went missing in morgan hill. there's new developments in the david petraeus scandal. although this might sound like a soap opera, this is a
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security worry. general john allen a commandser in afghanistan is now involved in the scandal. >> i understand protecting people, i don't understand doing it in a cloud of secrecy. >> reporter: feinstein and others in congress want to know why they had to learn from news reports about the fbi investigation of the cia director. >> there are questions about timing of just as a tradition to notify congress before we see it on tv. if it involves national security though that's a different story. >> reporter: even the white house wasn't told until after the election. >> one of his top people is
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subject to compromise. >> what's surprising about the petraeus incident is in some ways his mr. clean imagine which was eroded. >> reporter: jack sintrine knows this is hardly the first time a powerful washington figure has been involved in a sex scandal. but few have been so far reaching stretching from washington to central command in florida to afghanistan. >> how do all of these things sort of accumulate and add to public cynicism and public mistrust of leadership and institutions that in the long haul need to be trusted. >> reporter: general allen was on track to become supreme nato ally commander. that is on hold while the petraeus scandal is investigated. the white house has said it has postponed consideration of california's ban on same-sex
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marriage. the court is now expected to decide whether they will take the case november 30th 10 days later than originally planned. if the justices decide not to hear the prop appeal, then the ninth circuit ruling will stand allowing same-sex couples to marry in california. the move is a last minute protest against an historic cap and trade greenhouse gas actions suffered tomorrow. companies will be able to buy and sell credits to stay within mandated limits for greenhouse gas emissions. in a suit filed in superior court said the action is a tax on businesses. de la fuente has conceded that his 20 year run on the council has come to an end.
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capland issued a statement saying she is deeply grateful. capland received 60% of the vote. its striking employees reached a tentative agreement today as rob roth reports, the union workers dropped their picket signs and are now back on the job. >> we won. >> reporter: when word came down at nob hill foods in alameda this morning, workers began celebrating. time to toss the picket signs, the nine day strike over. and instead of asking workers too boycott the store, workers held a different sign. >> just that it's over. glad that i'm back to work with the family. >> reporter: the grocery workers union in raley's which also owned nob hills food reached a tentative agreement affecting 20,000 workers. at issue were pay freezes and
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benefit reductions, the union says health benefits will remain intact. >> our primary object was to maintain the ability to keep our families and retirees healthy and we've done that. >> reporter: shoppers say they're happy they will not see picketers in front of their supermarket anymore. >> driving by here and seeing the cars honk, no i didn't like that. >> they're like our friends in the neighborhood. >> reporter: they expect the rank in file to vote on the proposal within the next two to three weeks and they say they expect it to pass. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. prepare for a weather roller coaster. how much rain will increase
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before rain returns. the string of events
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could where you carry your cell phone make you sick? some doctors say they are seeing evidence of cancer that could be linked to mobile phones. tonight in our special report,
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john fowler on the alarm doctors are sounding. >> it's convenient say many young women. >> it's probably the most convenient place to put it education -- especially when you go out. you put one phone in your breast and your money in the other. >> it's really easy to feel when somebody texting you. you can grab it really fast. >> maybe they should talk to tiffany france. >> i put my cell phone right in my bra. >> reporter: her mother had misgivennings. >> we never took it seriously until she was diagnosed. >> reporter: tiffany got breast cancer at 21. >> it just so happened her tumors were exactly where her cell phone had been against her skin. her bare skin for about six years. >> reporter: no genetic or other risk factor, surgeons removed tiffany's left breast. >> it's kind of coincidental that it is right where i kept my cell phone. >> reporter: donna jens also
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got breast cancer at 39. the dot here are where her tumors grew. this imagine shows the tumors were just under the surface of her skin. >> all in this area right here. which is where i tucked my cell phone. >> reporter: jane said she did that for ten years. she had a mastectomy. >> yeah, i thought cell phones were safe. i was under the impression that they were. >> reporter: breast surgeon lisa bailey told me cell phone related cancer is random. i looked at this case. >> would this be in the case that a cell phone would have been carried? >> very likely. >> i would never wear a cell phone immediately next to my body i would advise all women not to do that. >> reporter: nevertheless bras like these are now on the market with pockets for cell phones. it may be the heat of the
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battery or radio frequency radiation that make these risky. especially for younger women. >> reporter: lisa bailey and others are now sounding a warning they say men are also getting breast cancer under cell phones in shirt pockets. the wireless industry denies there's a problem. >> there is no evidence but that's because we haven't studied it. >> until further data confirms it or disproves it, i would keep the cell phones away from the skin and the breasts. >> reporter: keep the phone at least 10-millimeters just less than half an inch from any body part. >> it's easy enough to do why take a chance. >> reporter: tiffany's mother says she wishes she had spoken
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up. >> i am convinced that her cell phone has caused her breast cancer. >> if there is a risk and we don't find out for five or 10 years from now we're going to see a whole cluster of young people with breast cancer. >> doctors say better safer than sorry. tonight at 10. -- 10:45, the story of a woman hospitalized for six days. how the search for a cell phone led to six snakebites. it happened friday night while the family was driving to the hospital. father danny miller realized the baby wasn't going to wait and pulled into a gas station near the oakland zoo. mother kimberly tomas says she is so thankful the officers happened to be there. >> i'm glad they were there. i mean it really calmed me down and they came back and seen me at the hospital.
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so they came to see little baby nolan so everything was fine. it worked out good. >> the couple named their baby noland after the park at the oakland zoo which is right across the street from where he came into the world. >> tonight at 10:30, an emotional memorial for a fallen police officer. how his killing almost 20 years ago changed law. developing news now from san francisco where the fire department has responded to a report of smoke at city hall. you're looking at live pictures right now from the scene. firefighter tell us there's smoke in the building and we hear calls for blowers to be brought to the scene. initial reports indicate a small electrical fire. we do have a camera man on the scene and will bring you more information from city hall during this newscast. an earnings report that blew away forecasts. the silican valley networking said earnings rose 18% over the
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last quarter exceeding $2 billion. earnings increased six hours after cisco announced its results. hundreds of millions of the facebook shares are set to hit the market tomorrow about 800 million shares of facebook will be released from an initial public offering lock up. that lock up restricted some shareholders from selling until a certain amount of time passed. the idea was meant to boost the stock price but it hasn't worked. facebook shares have lost nearly half their value since debuting at $38. the start of the commercial crab season kicks off thursday and prices have been set at $3 a pound. fishermen from half-moon bay to bodega bay will be setting their crab traps on saturday. the coroner has identified
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a man who died yesterday. the man was identified as 71- year-old richard lewis jakamini. the marin county said jakamini was a family of a prominent agriculture family. they saw his truck weaving before he hit the guardrail and hit the water. divers were able to pull jakamini from the water. but efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful. human remains were discovered during a construction project today. officials determined that the remains were native americans and are thousands of years old. the native american historic society will take possession of the bones. we have 49 in concord, 46 in fairfield. 48 in santa rosa. it's going to be chilly tonight
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but not as cold as it has been. we're going to see numbers in the upper 30s and low 40s. a little bit of frost in the north bay. these are the highs from today. didn't warm up over yesterday's highs. tomorrow's high temperatures are going to come up a couple of degrees. we're going to see a few more low 70s. forecast highs for tomorrow shows yellow 70 degrees. look at all the 70s. warmer tomorrow. as a matter of fact wednesday will be the warmest day of the week and then temperatures trend down and then rain comes back into the forecast. back here at 10:45 for the latest computer model we'll show you the exact timing of that rain as we move into the holiday week. we'll see you back here. a san francisco cafe is frustrated with coffee drinkers who linker. the unique policy the business is implementing. >> these burglars news what they
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the california state university board of trustees today backed off a controversial proposal meant to push students to graduate. the trustees are no longer considering a hefty fee structure for so called super seniors. those who have more credits than they need to graduate but are still taking courses. students call the fees unfair because required classes aren't always required every term. the oakland police are investigating a theft at a museum. the thieves plotted the theft in advance. staff were told to report for a meeting where they learned about the theft. the director said someone broke into the history gallery about midnight setting off alarms. the museum has 24 hour security so the three guards on-site
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called police. >> there were several artifacts taken from display cases and those display cases were damaged. but luckily, no one hurt. >> unfortunately it seems these burglars knew what they were looking for. they had identified the objects and came well prepared so they were in and out very quickly. >> reporter: the director would not specify what was stolen but they includes items from the gold rush area. the museum has insurance for the entire collection. but the museum director said it's not the monetary value but the significance. >> we're looking to see what more we can do in the area surrounding the museum. >> reporter: tonight a source tells me that gold nuggets an an antique gun were among the items stolen. the museum staff will not confirm exactly what was taken. reporting from oakland, jana
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katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. police tell us they made one arrest but they do not consider that person their main suspect. men armed with pick axes and dressed as ninjas robbed the california mining and mineral museum. investigators followed lead and today they arrested two men. so far authorities are not saying the the gold was recovered. a cafe is now charging customers a fee for sitting at a table. seventy eighty cafe are now charging customers who want to sit for an extended amount of time. >> it's not something irrational. it's not like we're asking for
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$20 a day. >> reporter: workers at the cafe seven eighty say so far customers have been very understanding. if someone does not spend $5 they're asked to get their order to go. the merchants association says an explosion of high end restaurants is pushing up rents and crowding out other businesses such as grocery and hardware stores. a rash of bicycle thefts in one part of the bay area. the statistics we uncovered that show a disturbing trend. san francisco police pause tonight to #úfó
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only on 2, a surge in bike thefts in the south bay. matt keller looked into the spike and joins us now with which cities have the biggest problem, matt. >> reporter: the south bay has a growing cycling community but new exclusive statistics we uncovered show bike thefts are on the rise. scott tess loves bikes but he's also been unlucky in his passion for two wheels. >> i've had two bikes stolen. >> reporter: tez has locked them up but they were stolen. >> when they're gone it's like you lost an acquaintance or a friend. >> reporter: a lot of people in the south bay have experienced that feeling. i asked the sheriff's office research -- i asked the sheriff's office to research
12:00 am
the number of thefts. in 2003 they went from 153 thefts to 63% increase this year. with much of that coming from cupertino. that city had 114% increase. >> i recommend a u lock they're much safer. >> reporter: if the thief has the right tools they can eventually get through your lock. but it often acts as a deterrent. san jose police says one a bike is stolen the best way to get it back is with a serial number and a detailed description or photo. >> reporter: the officer on the beat who's riding around. he sees someone on the bicycle. any other day of the week he might drive by that person. if he has a good description of the boing and serial number go off. that may be an easy arrest.
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>> reporter: here's an interesting note. san jose police say in an effort to leave the crime, leaving your bike unlocked, may get you sited for it. the investigation was carried out by the san francisco police department in the silican valley internet crimes against children task force. investigators say they identified the suspects in chat rooms then obtained warrants for their ip addresses and warrants for their suspect's homes where they found child pornography. the men arrested were all men between 25 and 48 years old. a jury convicted a man for the murder of four women. the charges were so numerous it took 39 minutes to read all the
12:02 am
verdicts. jurors convicted fredrick dosser jr. of 25 of the 36 charges. dosser was not convicted on a charge of attempted murder. >> this is someone that does not belong in our community. frankly he is an animal. >> dosser's defense team declined to comment today. a local professor and former labor secretary takes his message to the big screen in a film scheduled to be released early this year. rita williams tells us about inequality for all and the recognition it's already received. >> reporter: robert rice is a man with a big message and that message from the cal professor and former labor secretary now has been turned into a film. >> i suppose you can say that i play the al gore in inconvenient truth. but the subject here is inequality. >> of all developed nations today, the united states has
12:03 am
the most unequal distribution of income and wealth by far. and resurgence to greater inequality. >> reporter: that from the film inequality in the making. >> it's a win-win situation of fixing this problem. versus finding a bill in. >> reporter: director jason cornblue just won a grant from the 4-year-old berkeley film foundation. >> this is a project from the city of berkeley with funding coming from different places to support it. >> reporter: the grants awarded to 20 film makers this year helped them raise more. >> any time you get a grant it shows that somebody believes in your film. >> reporter: nominated two times for academy awards, rick goldsmith received a grant he's
12:04 am
making. >> inequality for all will be shown here followed by wright discussing where does the country go from here. in berkeley, rita williams. at we've posted more details about that fundraiser tomorrow just look for the link in web links about half way down the front page. democratic leader nancy pelosi will announce tomorrow whether she will continue to hold her current postor step down as house minority leading. this after the party failed to gain the 25 seats it needed to win the house majority. up until now, pelosi has remained silent about what her future holds. she can relinquish or keep her leadership postand serve the two years to which she had just been reelected. -- $54 million kept hidden
12:05 am
from the legislature and forced the then director to resign. the holidays were welcomed with an annual tradition of dancing, singing and a tree. a dramatic new turn today in the case of a sesame street puppeteer. it's going to warm up then the rain comes. the latest computer model that shows you when the [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad
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new video into the ktvu newsroom of a shooting in downtown san rafael that sent a man to the hospital. it happened at 8:30 on fourth street on lincoln avenue. initial reports indicate a 27- year-old man was shot in the back. the victim was taken to the hospital. police closed off several streets immediately after the shooting but we're told those streets have now been reopened. wanted software company john mcafee says he has no plans to surrender to police in central america for questioning in a murder case. police in belize call mcafee a person of interest in the death of his neighbor. mcafee denies any involvement in the death. he told wire magazine he has changed his appearance. mcafee sold the santa clara company years ago and has not been involved with it for years.
12:09 am
the man who accused kevin clash, the puppeteer of elmo of a sexual relationship recanted his statement. the puppeteer admits he had a relationship with the man but said they were both consenting adults at the time. clash took a leave of absence from sesame street on sunday just before the allegations were made public. renewed its declaration of a public health emergency due to medical cannabis. the city has been renewing the declaration since 1998 as a way to boost its policy toward medical marijuana. this year comes as the city is suing the federal government to keep it from taking possession of the harper health care center a ladies and gentlemen of the jury marijuana dispensary. a reminder you can get ktvu news to go. you can watch all of our
12:10 am
newscasts live in your device. arifat's tomb can be seen here covered in a blue tarp. the leader died in paris in 2004. transbegan a murder inquiry after experts found radio active -- in his clothes. 23 people were injured when riot police clashed with protesters. the protest came as the country's labor minister was in the city. the minister infuriated many people when she signed off on pension reform that raised the retirement age and told the unemployed not to be choosy when looking for work. in india, millions of people celebrateed the first day of dewaly today with
12:11 am
fireworks, candles and sweets. the festival of light celebrates the light over dark. the festival lasts for five days. how a teenager who got bitten by six rattlesnakes survived. new information we
12:12 am
12:13 am
new information now on today's developing news, a developing fire at san francisco city hall. these are the live pictures at the scene. we just spoke to the fire chief, he said there was an explosion in a basement electrical room. he said it sent smoke throughout city hall and caused some sprinkles to go off. right now as crews are waiting for pg & e to cut out the
12:14 am
power. you can see a will the of activity outside of san francisco city hall. the power is still on with all the lights on that you see. this all happened within the past hour. we're told san francisco city hall will be open if for business tomorrow morning. new at 10:00, a somber ceremony in san francisco to commemorate the loss of a police officer's life on duty. >> reporter: there's a permanent plaque here in honor of officer james gelp. he was the first to respond to a call of a man with a gun here back on november 13, 1994 but he had no idea of the armoured madman that he would encounter. it was 32 minutes of terror on that november day 18 years ago. a carjacking suspect wearing a
12:15 am
ballistic helmet, jacket and bullet-proof jet sprayed semi automatic gunfire in a busy san francisco neighborhood. officer james gelp was fatally shot before a sniper took out the suspect. >> he gave it all. he gave it all. >> reporter: richard carnes was captain where officer gelps was assigned. >> the call was a man with a gunfiring shots. he didn't hesitate. he came. and he was murdered. >> reporter: tonight at the scene of the shoot out former and current officers honored their fallen brother. while officers out patrolling the city streets also remember their comrade. >> we miss him a lot. i mean he was something special. >> reporter: police chief greg suhr says the tragic incident highlighted the need for change. legislation was finally approved banning felons from having body armour.
12:16 am
>> not only for making the ultimate sacrifice but getting that legislation. that's why there's a couple thousand people here every year. >> wonderful human being. wonderful man, i couldn't have picked a better brother. >> reporter: officer gelff was just 40 years old when he was killed. he left behind two sons. one who just returned from afghanistan and dreams of a career in law enforcement just like his dad. sheriff investigators say two jail nurses are facing charges that he stole narcotics from inmates under their care. both have since been released. the arrests follow an investigation that began in october. a 16-year-old southern
12:17 am
california girl is recooperating tonight after she was bitten six times by rattlesnakes. v era olofant who was visiting her uncle when she wandered off searching for cell phone reception. what she found was a rattlesnake nest. >> they were like, so i ran backward and i ran into a rattlesnake pit. >> doctors gave her 24 viles of anti venom and she is expected to make a full recovery. gibson guitar and goldfish crackers will be on display this year during the macy's thanksgiving day parade. today the producer of the annual thanksgiving day parade showed off some of the floats. some of those new floats will include the teenage mutant
12:18 am
ninja turtles and those well liked goldfish. and here we are so we're dry for the most part. we're going the stay that way but things do change around as we get into friday. late thursday night into friday this is live storm tracker 2. you see the live radar sweep here, when we get to that point especially friday morning you're going to be seeing green on the radar. so we'll be tracking that for you. in the meantime another really nice day. today's temperatures came up a few degrees. tomorrow's temperatures warmer still. tomorrow the warm education day -- tomorrow the warmest day of the week and the clouds drop off as the rain begins to move in. we go through a couple of nice days. it's really warm. tomorrow is going to be warm. thursday cloud but not that cool. temperatures in the mid-60s. upper 60s and then it cools off when the rain comes on friday. sunday we get rain again. the forecast overnight lows look like these.
12:19 am
not freezing but above freezing you will see frost in the inland bay valleys. a very active pacific, when you see these clouds streaming that's the jet stream or the bulk of the jet stream. what you're seeing is the jet stream working its way south. the days get shorter, nights get warmer. the atmosphere cools and the jet stream goes down. when the atmosphere cools the atmosphere goes up here. the jet stream goes down and we start seeing the potential for rain. there's a couple of days mild and nice. this next system drops in. not a big deal system at all. it sort of cracks the door open. i hate to call it a storm door but a weather door if you will for more stuff behind it which will move us into the holiday week. there's some forecast models that are suggesting rain as we get closer still. you see on wednesday all day, a few clouds move in.
12:20 am
filters sunshine. temperatures nice in the 60s and 70s. thursday the clouds really thicken up. guess what's behind that. here come the green. so the green comes in. 6:00a.m. on friday, and then more scattered showers in the afternoon on friday. that's not a big deal. but behind here there's more rain coming. so that's where it all breaks down. enjoy the next couple of days it's going to be nice and cloudy but hazy sunshine. then we look into what could be a little doze of winter. the skews are going to be nuts as we head into next week. >> we've been warned. >> we've been warned. >> all right, thank you bill. biologists with the california department of fish and game say they are encouraged by a project meant to boost salmon. a fish ladder now lies in the ravine creek. in the last three weeks 150 fall run chinook salmon have used that ladder to get upstream and spawn.
12:21 am
the fish ladder was put in last year at the cost of $800,000. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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there you go, good job thank you. >> a beautiful backpack. the oakland raiders team is teamed up to hand out sack packs. jacobi ford donated 500 of the packs in oakland. he assigned some photographs. the donation was all part of the national backpack program. since 2001 the office depot foundation has donated packs containing school supplies to almost 3 million kids. mark is here now, they didn't win the world series but the a's have manager of the year. >> yeah and so much for that so called east coast bias. a's fans don't need to ask after all what about bob. because their manager bob is voted best in the american league. mr.melvin in his first season with oakland. a 20 game improvement over last
12:25 am
year. cal arule bay area product -- cal allum bay area product. well you've seen that t-shirt old guys rule. national league manager davey johnson could be wearing one. the most senior manager in the leagues turned 70 is your manager of the year after driving the nats to the postseason. one of the three big free agents under wraps now. jeremy affeldt nails agreeing to a three year, $19 million agreement. still to be reconned with. free agents angel pagana and
12:26 am
marco scutero. >> baseball fans always asking how can teams afford these outrageous salaries. sometimes they can't. miami8 player trade featuring big names like jose reyes all going north of the border to toronto. here it is marlins get taken, hook line and sinkered looks like on paper. jays acquire jose regis, johnson, buer h hle, buck and bonafacio, and the marlins get escobar and prospects. pretty much the same story for cal, a pesky less talented opponent. isaiah thomas on the substantial doubt. he's getting his degree his
12:27 am
graduate degree at cal. on the scoring end of it. alan crab two of his career best. 14 point run for cal. bears win going away 79-62. nascar will deny it till kingdom come but they love this stuff. clint bowyer was punished for this. lots of fines for the crew and racers. that is the sporting life for a tuesday night. and you know, nascar fans they love it. why not. it's getting to be more like prowrestling. >> you want to mix it up a little bit. was there ever any concern jeremy affeldt would leave. >> he lives in spokane, i don't
12:28 am
think there was ever a huge worry. but pagana and scutero need to get those guys under wrap. going to cost them. >> thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the morning news will be in san
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